Exterior Waterproofing

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An Exterior Waterproofing system provides your foundation with multiple benefits.  It stops water from coming into contact with your bare foundation walls and it fast tracks water to the weeping tile (installed along the foundation footing and typically tied into a sump pit and pump to move the water out and away from the house).  It also helps it alleviate hydrostatic pressure build up against your foundation walls and most importantly it moves all that water away from the base of your foundation, so your basement remains dry!

At Forged Foundations, we excavate along the foundation wall, dig a trench along the footing, install Blueskin membrane to the walls (and optional dimple board for added moisture protection), install weeping tile along the footings (and window wells), weeping tile is then tied into a sump pit (where a sump pump pushes the water out and away from the house), add drainage rock, backfill and grade the surrounding area to ensure water is running away from the house.

This is your best option for water management around your home’s foundation.


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